Winter Hours, Facebook, and Yelp

First we want to thank everyone that has come out and supported us so far. We hope we are bringing a quality dining experience to Livingston County. It has been a few weeks since we updated the blog and we have a lot of news to cover.

We have updated our winter hours and will be opening the following times:

Mon-Wed: 4:30pm- 10 (dinner)
Bar: 10pm -11:30
Thur- Sat: 4:30pm- 10:30 (dinner)
Bar: 10:30pm -12:30pm
Sunday: Closed

Please note that our bar hours offer our late night menu.

Recently we were featured in the Livingston County News. You can read the write-up and look at some of the pictures that they took at the Livingston County News website.

Also we have our Facebook Page really up and running with more features coming soon. If you are on Facebook please take the time to add us and share our page with your friends. You will be able to keep up to date with specials, happenings, and share your pictures.

Finally  if you have liked our food and service so far take the time to rate us on Yelp, we really would appreciate it.

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year. See you all soon.

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  1. Mark Gillespie says:

    Thanks for the mention, and the updated times. It was a pleasure to see all the hard work that went into renovating one of Livonia’s important historic buildings. Other train stations in the county have falled into disrepair and will be lost forever.

    I hope people will drop by the Ember to see the amazing work done by In.Site: Architecture of Perry, and try out the restaurant’s innovative menu. There really isn’t anything else around quite like it.

    Look for the updated winter hours in the County News this week.

    Mark Gillespie, Editor
    Livingston County News


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