Thanks for all the Comment Cards

I would like to thank all of our new customers for their support through our first week. There were so many great suggestions on our comment cards and we are addressing them.

First of all, we added a great line of fresh tea. We upgraded our children’s menu and made it more kid friendly. (It will be posted on the web shortly.) Portion sizes have been corrected and error drink prices have been fixed.

Friday’s we are definitely doing a broiled fish special. We have also made sure that there are more vegetarian options available.

We are working on the noise problem in the new dining room. Please remember this is our first menu and it will change at least four times a year, so our choices will definitely increase.

Thanks again for your honest comments, without them we cannot improve.
Ember Management Team

I would also like to add: Our menus will change seasonally. Winter is the hardest time to source ingredients so our menu is limited a little.

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  1. Wendy Monroe says:

    WOW!! I am so excited to have a restauant like this in Livonia. When you walk in you feel like your in not even in Livonia. Love the fireplaces, the old with the new, the different areas to eat that is away from the bar noice if you want. The food and atmosphere was fantastic!! I love the TAPA share menu. Being able to share different dishes was fun. Thanks so much for adding a classy place like this to our little town. I will certainly visit very often and share my experience with all my friends and family. THANKS Luke for you special visits to our table too! Nice touch!


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