sorry for confusion.

We updated our front web page with new special banners. our software sent out a blank link. Ember will never spam our customers. We might make a computer error here and there but no spam. We are going to use this blog going forward to post some cooking techniques and recipes we would like to share.
Thanks for the understanding.

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  1. Jim Aroneseno says:

    This was confusing and a waste of my time.
    Got a promotional email from you regarding New Specials.
    clicked on the link that said New Specials and it took me to this email form, No New Specials listed here.
    went back to the original email, thinking there may be another link to click.
    saw the title Ember Woodfire Grill: New Specials was a hyperlink, clicked it and it took me to your
    home page, No New Specials listed there either.
    This means your email pretty much amounts to being SPAM.
    Please don’t serve SPAM to my in-box; You are a much higher class restaurant than that; some other tapas would be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      We updated our specials on bottom front page on web site. The auto e-mail sent out a blank link. Sorry for any confusion i assure you we are not into spamming our customers.

  2. Roger Kostecky says:

    Sounds like Jim needs a life! You guys keep up the good work. After spending my summer in Spain, I welcome any specials and cooking tips you might offer,


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